Give a DAM about the job offer(s)!

YOU can make easy decisions with this tool.

A Decision Analysis Matrix, that is. Enter DAM, exit emotions.

Stop fretting about those offers!

What is this DAM I refer to? Let me elaborate:

No matter who you are, changing jobs can be utterly fraught with emotions. The last thing you want to do is make an emotional decision only to regret it later when your brain catches up.

Exit the emotions, and enter the matrix.

The Careermap Gig Comparison Matrix that is. I have created the resource in 3 different formats for you to use. 1, a super pretty Mac pages version, 2, an excel version, and 3 a PDF version you can use pretty much anywhere.

1: Update the matrix with the values that YOU determine to be the weight of the thing you're going to evaluate.
2: Plug in how much you think each position is 'worth' in this element.

3: Pick a winner and use the additional resources on the sheet to make sure you handle any negotiations the best way and don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Download it now!

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