Imagine showing up completely prepared for your next interview.

YOU can leave them floored on the next one with this tool.

Here is the problem with interviewing: No one really prepares you for this stuff... There are a LOT of social cues in play - and frequently they pass over candidates' heads.

What you really need is a reusable, dependable framework to prep for all types of interviews.

We are on a journey, and this is your virtual (and physical) packing list!

Hey - I get it - I bombed SO MANY interviews when I started out. I began to question why I wasn't connecting with interviewers when I clearly was a solid candidate.

I want to help you never pass up simple solutions provided in this checklist. It includes the following resources:

  1. Phone Interview Strategies.
  2. Skype / Video Interview Strategies.
  3. On Site Interview Strategies.
  4. Travle Interview Strategies.

The checklist is customizable per each position that you're applying to. It was created with prompts to help you level up and be in best form for the interview. We are here to help, and this is the first step in your journey.

We are so excited to be your cartographer along this winding road of career growth!

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