Month: June 2018

EP017: Sales Engineering, Doing the Right Thing, and Immigration Discussions with Staff SE Prabhu Barathi.

Today on the Angle Free IT podcast, we meet with someone that I immediately thought “I have to get this guy on my show”. This person is none other than VMware Staff SE Prabhu Barathi. Prabhu was recently voted as SE of the year prior to our recording, and I would like to first and foremost congratulate him! Secondly, I would like to thank him for being so approachable on matters such as immigration, career paths, and mentorship.

03:00 Prabhu’s origin story and journey to SE of the year.
10:00 What does “Staff” before SE mean?
12:00 Mentorship and how to find it.
19:00 Prabhu talks about “Doing right by the customer” – one of the reasons I love this guy!
24:00 Blockchain all the things!
30:00 Why Prabhu and I love home labs and endorse them.
34:00 Himem 386 makes an appearance, and Prabhu getting into tech because of shiny toys.
42:00 Why leaders should communicate to their people WHY they want to do a project.
49:00 Building your brand, (and maybe puppies too).

I greatly appreciated having Prabhu sharing some time with me.  Look him up on LinkedIn (here).

Prabhu mentioned building your brand, and I would like to circle back to one of our christening episodes – Episode002 with Nic Cole.  It was essentially all about building your brand and is a great reference on the *HOW* of building your brand.

I appreciated Prabhu’s candor and willingness to be honest in this episode.  Unironically, we talked a lot about being truthful – something that some people find at odds with people in sales roles.  Usually for good reason.

EP016: Dynamic Programming, Coding Interviews, and How to do them with Sam Gavis-Hughson

Hello everyone!  This week, I’d like to introduce Sam Gavis-Hughson.  He’s here to help with technical interviews and developing the skills to work through the pressure of a large technical company and startup coding interviews.  He shared SO MUCH good stuff with us on this episode, I think you’ll appreciate how down to earth he is.  We talk about prepping for interview skills, as well as getting ready for the metal game of an in-person interview.

Take a listen and learn what Sam has to offer us all!

00:00 – Sam’s intro – including an origin story involving Lego Mindstorm programming (proving that the program actually DOES work to increase STEM grads!)
08:00 – Dynamic programming & you…
13:00 – Most undervalued aspect of interviews.
14:30 – Study on the fundamentals – via MOOC for free even!
20:00 – Using programming skills daily makes life better.
25:00 – What is Sam’s course – the big thing people struggle with – FAST solutions.
30:00 – Optimal subproblems and Overlapping subproblems.
32:00 – Everyone has a plan for the fight until they get punched in the face.
37:00 – Top developer interview failures.

If you’re looking for more information on dynamic Programming – check out Sam’s FREE ebook at

As we talked about – here are Sam’s favorite MOOC classes on fundamental programming and data structures – FOR FREE!

MIT: Click for MIT because you like it more than Princeton.
Princeton: Click for Princeton because you like it more than MIT.