So, some of you might think this is hippy-dippy BS, and that’s fine, but I swear we as a collective group suck at interacting with other business groups because we focus so intensely on skill building techniques.  We don’t round off the edges and learn people skills unless HR makes us.

That will limit your career growth – I know because when I started to embrace this stuff, it’s been super helpful for my career

This section is NOT a technical book list.  This is a ‘how to make myself more awesome’ booklist.  There are a TON of awesome technical books out there that I’ve read, but other people already cover those!

It’s almost like we all go through some “I’m cool enough just fixing these problems” course in high school or college. What I loved about this book was it talks about how to build your brand of awesomeness without having people immediately flee the room from your ego taking out all the air.

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When you have a technical job, especially at smaller and medium size businesses, it is SO EASY to squander your time on the tyranny of the ‘right now’ versus what needs to be done. Margin is about looking at your life and figuring out the things killing your energy (I spend too much time doing X, which causes me to eat out, which causes me to lose money and also be fat… etc).

Essentialism is about choosing what you do and getting more done this way. It is a fantastic book.

Are you looking to host a website for your side hustle IT gig?  If so, I HIGHLY recommend Dreamhost.  Let me tell you why I love Dreamhost.

First off – they deleted an old blog I had.

I never noticed because I had only kept the blog around because of the vestigial tale that was the email address I used from it.  My email never stopped flowing, so I kept going. The blog is actually quite laughable and VERY 2005 when I started out blogging.

Without me ever knowing about it (or caring, honestly) they emailed me to apologize.  But I ignored the email because I thought it had something to do with re-upping the domain or something.  When I didn’t respond for a few days they called me to apologize.  When someone screws up and tells you about it – YOU KEEP THEM.  That’s why unless something changes – I’m a Dreamhost customer for life.  If you’re interested – check out the link below to sign up.  It’s pretty cheap and their newsletter is hilarious.  It’s definitely an IT company run by IT people, not a marketing company that happens to do domain hosting and registration.

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