The Angle Free IT Podcast

Have you ever wondered how Senior Level Technology Workers and Ultra High Performers got to where they are at?

So did I, so I started asking them questions on my upcoming podcast Angle Free IT. 

 Learn tools and gain insider knowledge from hard to reach leaders such as:
  • Engineers with multiple CCIE’s.
  • Tech branding consultants who share skills to increase your net worth online.
  • CIO/CTO/CISO’s of major corporations.
  • Staff and Senior Consultants at companies such as VMware, Cisco, HP, Meraki.
  • Directors of IT and Security at various size companies.
  • Trainers of highly demanded skills (security, devops, automation, etc).
  • Ultra-High-Level Recruiters (the folks who place 150k+ jobs ONLY).
  • VP’s in cutting edge technology.