Something cool I’m doing this week.

So I’ve begun to revamp the site and use it as a personal compendium for some of my work-related publishing as well as AFIT stuff. Why? Because I believe my personal brand is better for it. So – with that being said – come check out my presentation this week at Cisco Connect West!

Normally we’d have this event IRL. But 2020 is … 2020 so it’s gone virtual! Come see my session on Cisco MultiSite Orchestrator (MSO) and also the Nexus Dashboard 2.0 launch. It’ll be a great session!

http://Cisco Connect West 2020 registration

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Head cartographer and coach on the journey of all things Tech career, Creator and Host of Angle Free IT podcast, and main blogger on both the blog, forum and websites. Oh and I have a day job of Sr. SDN and DevOps consultant, Have a wife and kids, and run another sidegig too. Check out the podcast for more of my bio.

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